image of St Bartholomew's church

17th Team Members

These hard-working volunteers are the very backbone of the 17th. Comforting a homesick Beaver, explaining how to tie a reef knot or updating paperwork these people do it all.

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Nick (Chil)

Group Scout Leader

Bedrock of the group, animal enthusiast, paperwork signer and target for annoying questions.

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Joshua (Rusty)

Beaver Leader

Chief Beaver herder, ruler of the kitchen, digital projector whisperer.

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Rachael (Hawkeye)

Assistant Beaver Leader

Frown inverter, surrogate Beaver mother - currently planning Beavers for 2034.

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Sasha (Akela)

Cub Leader

Cub pack alpha, keeper of the secret records, contact for artistry and design.

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Scout Leader

Supreme Taskmaster, organiser, very lucky we didn't actually let his sister write this.

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Section Assistant

Shuffler of paperwork, explainer of technology and self-professed nerd. Can be found at a laptop, leading Scout activities, or anywhere there's unattended chocolate.
Likes: Tech and bikes
Dislikes: Being photographed